Vai um fresquinho aí?


Gus disse…
O detalhe gotoso! é que quinta-feira eu tenho tutorials o dia todo - inclusive um às 20 hs. E o mais quentinho que vai ficar é -16. Ueba.

Brasilero mané quiria frio, intão toma, ué!
Anônimo disse…
Never been as happy of having left Toronto. How you must be suffering while I'm sunbathing :P
Just kidding, I'm not sunbathing but it's mild here compared to Toronto. The coldest since I arrived was zero and it's been snowing a bit every now and then. I miss you guys, but don't miss Toronto, at least not yet.

Hey Ellie!

This is going to be just this week, but it's really not very encouraging...

And Gus in his comment above yours said that on Thursday he has to be at university all day, teaching until 8 pm.

I can only say... *Good for youuuu!* HAHAHA

These days everyone is invited to come over to our house. As long as we don't have to go out... hehe
Anônimo disse…
Read it fast the way Gus syas it:
Oh My God! until 8 PM, that's painful. How on Earth did we end up picking Toronto?
I'm sure you still manage to have as much fun as possible.
Gus disse…
Yeah... you know, we are not doing that bad. We are still around. [fill the blank with other typical Canadian understatements].

And yeah, of course, we are having [some] fun.
Anônimo disse…
Good te hear it Gus :)

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